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I was recently in the attic of a house I inspected, and I noticed that the main condensate drain line was not insulated. This is one of the most common items that I see, everywhere I go.


The drain line is supposed to be insulated in the attic from the coils to the exterior of the attic. The problem with not having it insulated is that cold water from the coils flows through the line, and if it’s not insulated you will get condensation, or sweating, on the outside of the pipe.


This can cause mold to grow in the insulation, and it gets wet. Eventually it can saturate the insulation,  leak through the sheetrock and create wet spots in the ceiling. The next time your HVAC technician is servicing your AC, ask them to insulate the main condensate line for you.


You can also do it yourself, it’s easy enough to do.  You’ll need 2-inch foam insulation sleeves, which have a slit on the side for easy installation, as well as duct tape. Slip the foam around the pipe and tape it with duct tape every couple feet, so it stays on and keeps it insulated.


That’s the tip of the day concerning your AC working efficiently.  If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, please give me a call for all your inspection needs.


Have a great day!