A person is working on an air conditioner.


A few weeks ago we wrote a blog about the importance of insulating the condensate drain lines of AC units, and how to do it properly. Today we’re talking about the general maintenance of your AC and/or heating system, but experiencing the scorching heat this summer, we’ll focus more on ACs for now.


First things first, no matter the season, it’s always smart to have your HVAC technician perform maintenance on both your cooling and heating systems. We’ve seen way too many homes where these systems are in bad shape or aren’t working as efficiently as they once did. There’s only one reason, lack of maintenance. You can’t start a machine and ignore it for years and expect it to work flawlessly. For your HVAC systems to function efficiently, they must be maintained properly.


One of the most effective maintenance procedures that you can perform yourself is to mix water and bleach in a 50:50 ratio and pour it into the riser of the main condensate drain line to ensure it doesn’t get plugged up. There are backup systems there in case of an overflow with the pan and the secondary drain, however, it is best not to count on them and schedule regular maintenance to avoid any such issues.


There you have it, hope this tip helps! Fall is right around the corner, and we’ll have some more informational blogs coming right up on HVAC maintenance in the cooling season, and more! So stay tuned…


Have a great afternoon and thanks for reading!