A room with a ceiling and walls that have water stains on them.


Roof Leaks and How to Stop Them

In the last week, we’ve had way too much rain to not worry about roof leaks. It is so common and such a nuisance! If you suspect that you’ve had a leak following these incessant rainstorms, or just want to get your attic inspected to see if there have been any leaks recently, you know who to call!
Our team would be happy to perform an inexpensive, non-biased inspection for you to determine if you have any leaks. If you notice any leaks from the ceiling, we can investigate the cause and suggest a remedy and even recommend a professional who can perform the repairs for you!
So don’t forget to give us a call at 7133053356 for more information on our services or, visit inspectionsbypat.com. We offer professional residential and commercial inspections with guaranteed reports in 24 hours.
Hope you have a great day, and remember to keep those umbrellas handy this time of the year!

Check out this video to learn more: